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Superior Play, LLC is excited to announce our new company name: Penchura, LLC!

Changing our name to Penchura, L.L.C. reflects our evolution and continued growth as a leading company in the Park and Recreation Industry.

Penchura is the Babylonian word for painting and is a natural fit for our company. As paintings bring inspiration to life on canvas, we bring creative innovation to life through beautiful recreational place making.

We held a “New Company Name” contest with family, friends and clients that resulted in numerous submissions. The new name had to be unique, edgy and stand out. The name Penchura was submitted by a college student who will be putting his contest winnings towards his further education.

The ownership, employees, and physical location of our business remain the same. Over the next several months we will be transitioning our website, social media accounts and emails. Expect a notification of these changes as they occur. We ask that you please update your records to reflect our new name change effective immediately.

This is an exciting and truly transformational time for Penchura, L.L.C.! Our name is changing, but our core values of providing the highest quality products and services remain the same. We look forward to our continued growth together!


Eric J. Sheffer, P.E. – Owner
Penchura LLC
889 S. Old US 23
Brighton, MI 48114
Phone: 810-229-6245
Fax: 810-229-6256

  • Testimonials

    Best meeting all year, hands down – you inspired me to make our park meetings much better just by infusing enthusiasm!

    Look forward to working with you in the future – hopefully we will be making some really cool improvements here at Great Parks.

    Thanks, Carolyn P.

    Great Parks of Hamilton County