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Going to the National Parks and Recreation Conference in Arizona? Join us on a VIP tour to some of the area’s coolest parks!    The NRPA conference is September 20th, 21st and 22nd in Phoenix, AZ. We are looking at scheduling a tour of several area parks. The entire tour will take about four hours with transportation from the conference hotel.  If you are interested in this event please email for more information.   

Time and date of tour will depend on interested participants availability.   
Parks We Are Touring:  
Signal Butte Park Featuring the geometric Hedra and Hedra Towers. See More Photos! montereyparkh_15  
Monterey Park Featuring the NEW Quantis 8.2. See More Photos! 
pioneerparkh-06   Pioneer Park Multi-story custom playground.  See More Photos!
Gilbert Regional Park Large inclusive 2-12 age group park.  
See More Photos!  View the 2022 Play Literature!  
playlsi catalog Aquatix® 2022 Catalog Cover Image
skyways   workout catalog    
Have questions? Request a Catalog? Feel free to contact us! 
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  • Testimonials

    Best meeting all year, hands down – you inspired me to make our park meetings much better just by infusing enthusiasm!

    Look forward to working with you in the future – hopefully we will be making some really cool improvements here at Great Parks.

    Thanks, Carolyn P.

    Great Parks of Hamilton County