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boat lighthouse and climber themed play structures

As the world take precautions against the spread of COVID-19, Penchura is committed to keeping our staff, families, and communities safe through social distancing practices and guidelines. Our team has shifted to working from our individual home environments and implementing teleconferencing options to keep in contact with our customers.

Along with these measures, we understand the challenges many families face during an indefinite period of school closures. Play offers many physical and mental health benefits, and we want to share some ways ways to keep a part of your child’s day in a safe way.

Here are some recommendations for disinfecting playground equipment:

• Use a non-bleach (non-sodium hypochlorite) disinfectant for best compatibility with Landscape Structures materials
• Focus on high-touch areas such as handholds, slide transition areas, swing chains, rung ladders and climbers
• Always follow the disinfectant manufacturer’s recommendations for concentration, application method and contact time 


  • Testimonials

    Best meeting all year, hands down – you inspired me to make our park meetings much better just by infusing enthusiasm!

    Look forward to working with you in the future – hopefully we will be making some really cool improvements here at Great Parks.

    Thanks, Carolyn P.

    Great Parks of Hamilton County