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splash pad Michigan

New Water Play Products from Penchura

Exceed community expectations by designing spray parks that feature the newest, most innovative and environmentally friendly products. Aquatix delivers products with a twist of water fun for kids of all ages and abilities!
splash pad Michigan

This interactive hub with multiple events will have children climbing, sliding and interacting together throughout this play station. The VeroSplash ™ bucket centers this station with surrounding small bubblers, sprayers, a working telescope and other activities that will provide hours of fun for families.

aquatix hydrahub

AquaGather Station  
This unique hexagon-shaped play feature makes rooms for kids of all abilities to socialize and discover many possibilities in water play. A central bubbler pushes water and (that?) flows into the components below. Water speed and direction can be controlled independently in each station.

More New Products

These new products encourage kids to experience water play in innovative ways!


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  • Testimonials

    Best meeting all year, hands down – you inspired me to make our park meetings much better just by infusing enthusiasm!

    Look forward to working with you in the future – hopefully we will be making some really cool improvements here at Great Parks.

    Thanks, Carolyn P.

    Great Parks of Hamilton County